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Waste Of $10,000


1 out of 5 - by on Jun 21, 2018

In May 2017, I hired Musca Law Firm to represent me in a pending DUI case paying them $10,000 USD. After my deposit had cleared, I was assigned to one of the firms attorneys to whom I spoke with in June. Several months later, after not hearing from this attorney, I phoned and spoke with him in Sept. He did not know who I was nor anything about my case. He actually got my case folder out and read it out loud for an hour while he had me on the phone telling me not to worry that he will be able to get this dropped. I waited until Nov and after not hearing anything, I phoned and spoke to the same attorney. He said he was waiting on a video tape from the police dept. I stressed to him that it had been 6 months and the only thing he had done was to push my court date out month after month. When he looked into my file, there was the video request that was never mailed. In Jan, I phoned again and was told this attorney is no longer with the firm and was given a 2nd attorney who had no idea who I was and knew nothing of my case. He located my video and actually kept me on the phone while watching it. Fast forward to June 2018. After 1 year and month-after-month of Musca Law Firm pushing my case out, I was sentenced to another year of my driver’s license being revoked that would have run concurrently with my DMV license suspension back in June 2017, had Musca Law Firm upheld their fiduciary duty to me as a client. Musca Law Firm has cost me another year of no driving privileges due to their nonchalant attitude toward my case, more stress, and soon to be more out-of-pocket expenses. Had they just completed the task at hand in a timely manner that I trusted and paid them $10,000 to do, I would not be writing this negative review. After this disappointing and very expensive experience, I would highly suggest that you consider another law firm. There are plenty of good firms out there that will give you the attention to your case that you deserve. Musca Law is just not one of them.


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